Additional Ice Trays

Additional Tray - Large Cubes

$15.00 USD

NOTE: Additional tray that only works with OnTheRocks Ice Box.
  • Makes 6 perfectly clear, long-lasting 2 inch x 2 inch x 2 inch ice cubes per use
  • Simple single mold design
  • Self-equalizing tray that automatically sinks to the correct level in water vessel
  • Flexible, durable, form holding silicone construction


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Satisfied customer
Stand behind their product

I love this cube tray, in fact our family has multiple sets. They stand behind their product. After many many uses the rubber started to tear. I called the customer service and they sent me out a new one that very day. Thanks guys! I highly recommend this product.

Rich Porter
Always does the trick

3rd purchase from here. Love it all and am addicted to using the ice in all my cocktails.

Jose Alejandro Prieto De Las Casas

The best clear ice tray !´ve ever bought... Awesome about the the container, been transparent... Perfect cubes...!
Only thing it would be better if the container would be all squared, to use & cut the block ice at the bottom, but I gues the beveled design it´s part of the clear freezing process itself...

Francesco Bernardi
Pure clear cubes

The result is really nice: crystal clear ice cubes. One of them even grew out of the tray like a square column.

Scott Thomas

Works as advertised.