Do I need to wash the OnTheRocks Ice Box before I use it?

Yes, it is best to wash the water vessel (clear plastic part) and the silicone trays before using to make ice. Both of these components are dishwasher safe. You do NOT need to wash the black foam housing.

Can I just use tap water? Is there anything special about filling it?

Hot (see below) water right out of the tap (assuming it is safe to drink) is fine to use. If your water is high in minerals, you can use heated filtered or bottled water. Do NOT use distilled water as it often causes bubbles to form in the middle of the cubes or spheres.

What temperature should the water be?

Be sure to use hot water to fill the water vessel. Hot tap water works best, but if you have high mineral levels in your water, it may yield ice that is cloudy around the edges. If you use bottled or filtered water, heat it up at least to the temperature of hot tap water before use. Once again, no distilled water.

How do I avoid trapping air in the sphere tray?

Make sure to tap the top of the spheres until bubbles stop coming out to avoid trapping air bubbles.

How do I place the trays into the water?

Fill the water vessel until about 1 inch from the top. Slowly and gently push the tray into the water until it sticks against the walls of the container. For the cube tray, pour out or add water until the level is right at the top of the dividers between cubes. For the sphere tray, it’s best to top it up with water to avoid filling the entire top half of the tray with water. It will still work, your spheres will just come out slightly misshapen. Also make sure to tap on the top of the sphere tray once it’s in place to make sure no air bubbles are stuck on the roof of the mold. For more details, check out our instructional video here.

How long does it take to freeze?

It will take 20-24 hours to freeze; this depends on how hot the water is and how cold your freezer is.

Are there any electrical components? Does it need a freezer?

The OnTheRocks Ice Box is not a powered device and therefore has not electrical components. It is designed to be used within your home freezer.

How can I tell when it is done freezing?

The freezing process is done when the ice freezes down from the top past the holes in the bottom of the tray. If you can see evidence of a good amount of ice forming in the water vessel under the tray, you are good to go. It is easier to remove before the water water in the water vessel is entirely frozen. If it is entirely frozen, it is still doable.

How do i get the ice out when it is ready?

>Best watch this video for that.

How should I store ice once it is made?

The best way to store the ice is in an insulated container  (like the water vessel inside the housing, or a cooler) inside the freezer. This keeps the ice from shrinking and sticking together through the modern freezers de-frost cycle. If you're going to use them within a day or two, a freezer bag will do the trick.

How do I keep my ice from cracking when adding to a drink?

Once the ice freezes solid it can actually get much colder than freezing (32 DegF, 0 DegC). This can cause the ice to crack if you drop it directly into a warm or even room temperature drink. That is a cool effect as well, but if you want to maintain solid ice without cracking, let the ice sit out for about 5 minutes. Even better, if the drink calls for a shaker and will already be cold, the likelihood of cracking is even lower.

How big is the OnTheRocks Ice Box?

he black foam housing (the largest of the components in which the other components fit) is 7 inches tall x 8 inches wide x 6 inches deep. Those are approximately the same dimensions when the water vessel and trays are inside plus approximately 1/4 inch in height.

How many cubes or spheres does it make?

Each freeze will provide 6 large 2 inch cubes or 5 big 2 inch spheres

How big is the ice?

The cubes are 2 inches x 2 inches x 2 inches. The spheres have a 2 inch diameter.