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OnTheRocks IceBox + Cube & Sphere Trays

$90.00 USD

Our original IceBox including a cube and a sphere tray. Comes with everything you need to make crystal clear spheres or cubes at home including the trays, the water container, and the insulated casing. This compact system that uses directional freezing to yield perfectly clear ice cubes or spheres every time. Fill the vessel, drop in the tray, place in the insulation, freeze, and grab a drink. It's going to be a good one.

The included cube tray makes 6 large, perfectly clear 2 inch ice cubes per use. The included sphere tray makes 5 crystal clear 2 inch diameter spheres per use. Whether for cocktails or for straight spirits, there is no better compliment to your drink. 

  • Insulated foam casing allowing for a even, steady freeze
  • Molded water vessel fits snugly into casing holding the perfect amount of water needed to create clear layer of ice
  • Self-equalizing trays that sinks to the correct level in water vessel
  • Flexible, durable, form holding silicone construction
  • Compact footprint taking up minimal freezer space while yielding maximum number of cubes or spheres compared to anything else on the market
  • Dimensions of Ice Box including insulated casing: 8 inches wide x 7 inches tall x 6 inches deep 
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Customer Reviews

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Outstanding product and company

I've been using the sphere and cube molds for a few years now. They work great and turn out fantastic clear ice. Recently my water reservoir developed a crack and began leaking. I contacted the manufacturer to see if I could purchase a replacement. They said that they could be purchased but that they works send me one at no charge. They not only did so, but it arrived in only a few days. It's rare to have a company not only produce such a quality product but to stand behind it like that. I've already been recommending it for years to all my friends who care about their cocktail ice based purely on performance but now can add outstanding customer service to that recommendation

Peter Joseph

OnTheRocks IceBox + Cube & Sphere Trays

Greg Baggerly
(Clear) Ice ice baby

I take a lot of cocktail pictures for fun and these cubes / spheres work perfectly!

Dave Earl
Can't live without my OnTheRocks ice

Drinks are not the same without OnTheRocks clear ice cube!
I am hooked for life. Cheers

Finally! Clear ice cubes!!

We have tried many methods to get clear ice, without success. The On the Ricks kit works!!!