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OnTheRocks IceBox + Cube & Sphere Trays

$90.00 USD

Our original IceBox including a cube and a sphere tray. Comes with everything you need to make crystal clear spheres or cubes at home including the trays, the water container, and the insulated casing. This compact system that uses directional freezing to yield perfectly clear ice cubes or spheres every time. Fill the vessel, drop in the tray, place in the insulation, freeze, and grab a drink. It's going to be a good one.

The included cube tray makes 6 large, perfectly clear 2 inch ice cubes per use. The included sphere tray makes 5 crystal clear 2 inch diameter spheres per use. Whether for cocktails or for straight spirits, there is no better compliment to your drink. 

  • Insulated foam casing allowing for a even, steady freeze
  • Molded water vessel fits snugly into casing holding the perfect amount of water needed to create clear layer of ice
  • Self-equalizing trays that sinks to the correct level in water vessel
  • Flexible, durable, form holding silicone construction
  • Compact footprint taking up minimal freezer space while yielding maximum number of cubes or spheres compared to anything else on the market
  • Dimensions of Ice Box including insulated casing: 8 inches wide x 7 inches tall x 6 inches deep 
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Customer Reviews

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Michael Lowe
Best Ice Ever

I’ve been trying to get ice that was as clear as glass for a long time. Failing quite a bit along the way, until now! The videos on the website were very helpful and as a result, first attempt yielded fabulous ice! Thanks so much. The best part is I get MORE THAN ONE ice cube! Genius, pure genius!!

Matt Mcintosh
Clear ice

This is a great product. It’s easy to use and the ice is perfectly clear. It enhances home cocktails. I’m mildly obsessed and want more shapes, huge spheres and long rectangles or cylinders for collins glasses. This is a must for home cocktails.

Linnea Kuhns
Clear as glass!

My son was trying all sorts of ways to get super clear cubes. None of those techniques was successful. I happened to find your product and bought it for him for his birthday. The cubes were beautiful! He hasn’t tried the spheres yet.

Don’t think on this

While both my husband and I enjoy a good drink, he loves a good whiskey/bourbon. Which we all know, ice matters. We would buy silicone molds so that we would have the right size ice cubes but after watching my husband try time again and again doing all the “at home tricks to make clear ice” but all of them ended as a fail I knew I wanted to get him a system for Christmas. I did a lot of research and reading up on different companies and systems but ultimately decided on this one. I am so glad I did! He has been able to achieve crystal clear ice and let me tell you, it’s absolutely beautiful! And MAKES A DIFFERENCE!! In more ways than one.

A couple notes:
• where we live the water is awful, so prior to gifting him the system I picked up a few gallons of filtered water. He tried first the tap water and then the filtered. 100% filtered is what we need to use for where we live.

• the spheres take longer than the cubes to freeze.

James L Forte

Ice is coming out clear…I’m pleased.