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Our original IceBox including a cube and a sphere tray. Comes with everything you need to make crystal clear spheres or cubes at home including the trays, the water container, and the insulated casing. This compact system that uses directional freezing to yield perfectly clear ice cubes or spheres every time. Fill the vessel, drop in the tray, place in the insulation, freeze, and grab a drink. It's going to be a good one.

The included cube tray makes 6 large, perfectly clear 2 inch ice cubes per use. The included sphere tray makes 5 crystal clear 2 inch diameter spheres per use. Whether for cocktails or for straight spirits, there is no better compliment to your drink. 

  • Insulated foam casing allowing for a even, steady freeze
  • Molded water vessel fits snugly into casing holding the perfect amount of water needed to create clear layer of ice
  • Self-equalizing trays that sinks to the correct level in water vessel
  • Flexible, durable, form holding silicone construction
  • Compact footprint taking up minimal freezer space while yielding maximum number of cubes or spheres compared to anything else on the market
  • Dimensions of Ice Box including insulated casing: 8 inches wide x 7 inches tall x 6 inches deep 
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Customer Reviews

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Cumbersome to make the ice... After nearly 20 hours it wasn't even close to being done... I wouldn't recommend. More gimmick than anything.

Troy Lawson
Not so fast

struggling to master the technique of seperating the block of ice from the sphere mold. I have followed the steps provided but the knife is marginally effective.

Andy Solem

Been trying to make my own clear ice for several years and this works as advertised. Awesome. Really happy with the investment and have impressed my buddies!

Mary Kenary

Very nice easy to use! I bought this as a gift, and now I have to get one for myself as well

Brad kessler
Clear ice!

As stated this process does produce clear ice. I love the clear clean look in my drink.